Get ready for beach season with best swim shorts online

Every man needs a snazzy swim short regardless of the place he is visiting for a refreshing swim. Be it at the twinkling waters of the Cancun Beach or jumping off the diving board of your local public pool in the height of summer or even if you are just taking a dip at your humble backyard pool, swim shorts are a must and the more stylish the better. The popular notion about most men’s clothing is that choice is easy and options limited, but if you take a good look at the spread of beach shorts for men online at the online fashion store Zobello, you would know that notion is no longer valid.

Whether you are searching for the latest in sultry men’s swimwear fashion or broad shorts for agility at beach sports or even for the latest in hydrodynamics for your swimming competition, with the latest collection of swimwear for men online at the popular online men’s boutique, they have you covered, literally from knee to waist or even higher!

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Buy Sneakers for men online in India at the best price

Sneakers are perhaps the best companion of a man during all season and occasion as these are classy and yet high on comfort. A perfect pair of sneakers can enhance your look and complete the overall style. Hence, to stay in the trend wherever you step out, shop a pair of sneakers for men from the house of Zobello. These premium quality sneakers are crafted with classy design and superior material. Explore our range of men’s sneakers and buy sneakers online India from the comfort of your couch.

Elegant Design: The international standards are maintained while crafting the sneakers for men at Zobello and these sneakers are surely going to make you stand apart in a crowd. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles within this range of loafers, plimsolls and sneakers. For the urban suave men, there is a huge option of elegant hues like beige, brown, black, blue and white. Those who clove to sport bold colours can choose from a huge palette of red, yellow, green and multi-colored ones.

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Exploring Kerala Houseboats with My Wife in a Few Tees and Swimwear for Men Online

These days, life is all about getting to work on time and getting late from work to home. So, in these stressful situations, the only thing that saves us from getting cracked like a mud pot is the small weekend getaways or quick vacation we plan. I also planned a small vacation with my wife this March, and we had the time of our lives. 

Our preparations to the “God's own country” Kerala began in January with online shopping as both of us visited our favorite websites. While my wife checked out a few of her favorite websites for apparel shopping, I opted to buy swimwear for men online from, a website I explicitly trust when it comes to buying fashionable swim shorts online or any men’s apparel for that matter.

At the start of our journey, we decided to keep our mobile phones on silent mode so that we could enjoy each other’s company and talk about a million things we miss when we are too busy with our professional lives. We had booked one of the famous houseboats of Kerala backwaters, and we were provided with all the essential supplies we needed to live happily and with privacy for the duration of four days. 

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Useful Summer Blazer Guide for Men to Look Handsome

Hey, it’s time to cheer for men because the fashion world has upgraded men’s fashion wardrobe to the next level by offering cool summer blazers. It means men can now wear blazers not only in winters but also summers to find an effortlessly handsome look. The summer style blazers give the same dapper look that you get from winter style blazers. If it is your first time to pick a summer blazer, here are some guidelines to enhance your style.

Choosing the Right Fabric

One of the prime differences you can notice between summer and winter style blazers is its fabric. Cotton and linen are primarily used to manufacture lightweight summer blazers. You can confidently layer your simple shirts or t-shirts with these blazers to give a lift to your personality. Both cotton and linen are natural fabric, absorb moisture and keep the body cool. So they are comfortable summer outerwear.

Selecting the Right Style

If your local fashion retail stores have limited options, move to online shopping for blazers. Reputed online fashion stores like Zobello offer branded and stylish blazers for men. Options are available in forms of collar patterns, colors and design.

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Three ways you can style men’s summer blazers!

If you thought just sliding into a nice summer blazer for men was it, you don’t need to do anything else to cut the crowd and stand out as the most dapper, then you were wrong. Be it well-tailored, fitted, relaxed, double-breasted or simply single, blazers are the most versatile pieces of summer wear for men. Hence, should be given their share of respect as the most important summer apparel for men.

There is a slight misconception of well-fitted, tailored blazers among men; they believe that such blazers are only suitable for weddings or serious business meetings. But that is not the case, blazers are highly flexible and can be styled as you like without over thinking it. So, go on a shopping spree picking out online blazers in India and read on to find out 4 classic styles you can wear your sartorial all-rounder of a summer blazer.

The Palm Tree printed Soft collared summer blazer:

This is a fancy one, mostly associated with formal wear. The eclectic print coupled with the laid-back looking soft collar makes it a perfect fit for special occasions. Go attend a Polo match or an outdoor brunch with friends on a Sunday summer morning with this blazer and you will have eyes all over you. The cutting style and silhouette of the blazer can be traced back to the Victorian times; inspired by the then called smoking jackets, but such printed men’s summer blazer marrying contrasting colors on a fitted silhouette forms the perfect piece of apparel for the season ahead.

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Swimsuit Online Shopping Guide for Indian Men

Are you thinking to join a swimming club this summer? If yes, then update your swimsuit wardrobe. Instead of repeating your previous year swim trunks, wear trendy and updated style swimsuits. A pair of calve length broad shorts is actually a high school boy fashion. For young and dynamic young men, selecting the right pair swimsuit matters a lot. Men’s online stores like Zobello have multiple options for swim trunks to find the best pair that matches to your taste as well as budget. One of the major advantages of swimming trunks online in India is to shop in bulk because it saves more.

Below are some useful guidelines to shop swimsuits online.

3 Popular Styles to Choose From

From India to America, these 3 types of swimsuits have caught the attention of men.

Trunks are one the most favorite swimsuits of swimmers in India and abroad. They look like shorts but are made from light materials like nylon and polyester. The clothing length is in the mid-thigh. Indian men, who want the flexibility to sit, swim and move without any hesitation can choose trunks.

Boardshorts are another very popular style swimming wear for men. They are actually a longer version of trunks ending just above the knee or past the knee. They mostly have a non-elastic waist. If your mood is to just chill out near the pool, buy the swimwear shorts online in black, blue or printed style.

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Sneakers blur the lines between work and fun!

It has been quite some time now that the lines that segregated the casual attires from formal ones are slowly blurring and rounding off to simply being acceptable looking outfits. This trend of evolution of fashion has especially taken a stronghold in men’s apparel more than women’s ware. These days you would not see men walking the busy streets of major metropolitans around the world in their suits and hats, dressed formally for the work day ahead. Streetwear in its own sense has evolved as a hip style and people of all age groups and professions have been adding their personal flair to the outfits they wear on the ‘streets’. As the younger generations set foot in the workplace they are bending the rules of typical office wear from the drab grey suits and imposing boots to more comfortable, relaxed yet simplistic business casual outfits.

A prime example of the blurred lines of fashion between the work and fun is the advent of modern sneakers like the black leather, monk strap plimsolls for men from Zobello.

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Cool Yourself in Trendy Swimwear

Now that the summer is here, everyone is looking for ways to cool down. Avoiding getting drenched in sweat is the number one priority for those of us living in the hot and humid tropical zones. Most of us have our own way of beating the heat and my favourite method to do it by going for a swim. Other than cooling you down, swimming offers a plethora of health and other benefits. It is a very efficient way to burn calories, helps in building muscle and toning the body and improves your endurance. However, whenever I go to a pool in India, I am appalled by the sort of gear used by the other patrons. People just love to rush in wearing a regular pair of shorts instead of a proper costume. Not only is this behaviour unhygienic, it also damages the filtering system of the pool, putting everyone else at risk. Thus, I recommend everyone to look for swimming trunks online at if they are planning to go for a swim.

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Sneaker Shoes: Adorn Your Feet

Shoes were invented in desperation when a king got frustrated with his feet getting soiled in the dust, every time he stepped out of his palace. Roads were carpeted and many other measures were adopted but nothing worked until a man gave the idea of covering the king’s feet in leather. So goes the folklore.

Things are no different today. Shoes continue to remain an integral part of dressing up. Shoes play an important role in completing your style statement. In fact, it's your shoes that will help you stand apart in a crowd of people, considering that everybody is wearing the same kind of outfit.

Sneakers, the most common avatar of casual shoes have a lot many more brownie points than just being comfortable. First, sneakers shoes for men are available in a variety of materials, breaking away from just leather look of moccasins and canvas of sports shoes. So you can have sneakers in leather, canvas, cotton, silk, polyester and many more fabrics. Secondly, there is a huge variety of colours to go with your mood and personality type.

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Beachwear Shop Online for Men

Those days are gone when you had only a few options when it came to men’s beachwear or swimwear. The global fashion world of today has given a platform for new styles and bold prints for the swimwear that are not only trendy but comfortable as well. This season, do give your collection of swimwear a glamorous makeover with the huge collection of men’s swim shorts and swimwear from the house of Zobello. Buying beachwear for Men online is now a piece of cake as we provide you multiple options in fabric and design so that you exactly get what suits you the best.

Casual Shirts for Holiday: Holidays are incomplete without a new set of printed holiday shirts that are made of soft and lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen. For every urban gentleman who loves to step out in style, we present a premium range of casual shirts that reflect smart casual dressing. In tropical destinations, wearing soft fabrics like cotton or linen are considered to be the best and we present a plethora of designs in cotton and linen half sleeved shirts to choose from. If you are looking for a printed casual shirt in a cool shade, opt for the Mens Forest Bird Print Linen Shirt or the Mens Black n White Tie Dye Summer Shirt.

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