May 8th, 2018

Exploring Kerala Houseboats with My Wife in a Few Tees and Swimwear for Men Online

These days, life is all about getting to work on time and getting late from work to home. So, in these stressful situations, the only thing that saves us from getting cracked like a mud pot is the small weekend getaways or quick vacation we plan. I also planned a small vacation with my wife this March, and we had the time of our lives. 

Our preparations to the “God's own country” Kerala began in January with online shopping as both of us visited our favorite websites. While my wife checked out a few of her favorite websites for apparel shopping, I opted to buy swimwear for men online from, a website I explicitly trust when it comes to buying fashionable swim shorts online or any men’s apparel for that matter.

At the start of our journey, we decided to keep our mobile phones on silent mode so that we could enjoy each other’s company and talk about a million things we miss when we are too busy with our professional lives. We had booked one of the famous houseboats of Kerala backwaters, and we were provided with all the essential supplies we needed to live happily and with privacy for the duration of four days. 

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