Sneakers blur the lines between work and fun!

It has been quite some time now that the lines that segregated the casual attires from formal ones are slowly blurring and rounding off to simply being acceptable looking outfits. This trend of evolution of fashion has especially taken a stronghold in men’s apparel more than women’s ware. These days you would not see men walking the busy streets of major metropolitans around the world in their suits and hats, dressed formally for the work day ahead. Streetwear in its own sense has evolved as a hip style and people of all age groups and professions have been adding their personal flair to the outfits they wear on the ‘streets’. As the younger generations set foot in the workplace they are bending the rules of typical office wear from the drab grey suits and imposing boots to more comfortable, relaxed yet simplistic business casual outfits.

A prime example of the blurred lines of fashion between the work and fun is the advent of modern sneakers like the black leather, monk strap plimsolls for men from Zobello.

Sneakers, a class of footwear initially preserved for the school gym, as early morning obligatory running shoes or for packaged holidays is now emerging as acceptable footwear for all occasions for men and has emerged as an important part of men’s wardrobe, pairing well with both casual as well as formal outfits. They are the contemporary man’s all-day shoes to slip into the gym and walk into the boardroom with, alike without a sparing a thought. They are especially popular during the summer months because contrary to popular beliefs, wearing well-covered footwear is good for maintaining healthy feet and keeping the body’s thermostat in check during the scorching hot season.

While it may seem counterintuitive, but sneakers are in fact the perfect summer footwear. They are lightweight and designed to wick off sweat and moisture while maintaining proper airflow in and out of the footwear. Needless to be mentioned sneakers are designed to provide optimum agility to the wearer, which is why they are the armor of choice for all modern athletes and sportsmen. Presently, the best sneakers for men that you can get your hands on are the elastic tassel sneakers and faux suede or leather plimsolls available in a variety of styles and colors. We recommend having at least three pairs of everyday sneakers to switch around and wear for a comfortable walk to work or run in the gym without needing to pack 2 different pairs of shoes. While black, white and navy are men’s go-to colors, if you are looking to buy sneaker shoes online, try something different like the new chocolate brown, elastic tassel boat shoe sneaker, the faux leather lace-up plimsoll and a comfy canvas lace-up plimsoll

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