Three ways you can style men’s summer blazers!

If you thought just sliding into a nice summer blazer for men was it, you don’t need to do anything else to cut the crowd and stand out as the most dapper, then you were wrong. Be it well-tailored, fitted, relaxed, double-breasted or simply single, blazers are the most versatile pieces of summer wear for men. Hence, should be given their share of respect as the most important summer apparel for men.

There is a slight misconception of well-fitted, tailored blazers among men; they believe that such blazers are only suitable for weddings or serious business meetings. But that is not the case, blazers are highly flexible and can be styled as you like without over thinking it. So, go on a shopping spree picking out online blazers in India and read on to find out 4 classic styles you can wear your sartorial all-rounder of a summer blazer.

The Palm Tree printed Soft collared summer blazer:

This is a fancy one, mostly associated with formal wear. The eclectic print coupled with the laid-back looking soft collar makes it a perfect fit for special occasions. Go attend a Polo match or an outdoor brunch with friends on a Sunday summer morning with this blazer and you will have eyes all over you. The cutting style and silhouette of the blazer can be traced back to the Victorian times; inspired by the then called smoking jackets, but such printed men’s summer blazer marrying contrasting colors on a fitted silhouette forms the perfect piece of apparel for the season ahead.

The printed version from Zobello is a subtle update of over-used classic style that brings the contemporary with pizzazz. This can be paired with dark-colored denim, fitted navy trousers and a light colored t-shirt or shirt underneath. To look edgier you can also pair it with double denim, i.e. a fitted denim shirt underneath or a knit t-shirt for adding textural dimensions to your outfit.

Plaid casual blazers:

The summer season calls for a wardrobe overhaul, it is the perfect time to lend a lease of life to your clothes. And the best way to do so is to shake off those sartorial shackles of heavyweight clothing off your shoulders and donning something fresh, vibrant and fun with all the serious fashion punctuations like the Cherry Tartan Plaid casual blazer for men or even the one in maroon. While having a little more color and punch than a normal solid colored blazer, this is the perfect piece for casual or business casual gatherings. It can be equally appealing as an office wear at a laidback company. You can make it a little more formal by taking the maroon blazer and doubling down on maroon by layering it over a comfy maroon formal shirt and pairing it with a dark brown or black fitted trousers. Finish of the look with suede shoes and you’d be grabbing everyone’s attention at the Monday morning presentations too!

The Prussian blue 3 button Fleece Blazer for men:

Are you heading to watch the game this Friday night? Or taking your girlfriend to the opera? Then pick this jacket to be the sartorial sweet spot for a perfect off-duty look. The fleece blazer achieves harmonious middle-ground between relaxed and refined dressing in blazer territory. Pair this one in Prussian blue with khaki chinos and a grey or white fitted casual shirt, finish off the look with a dark colored pair of espadrilles to maintain the relaxed vibe, and you will look serious business even on the weekends! 


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