Men’s sneakers are now better than formal boots

Sneakers at their core were designed to be cushiony soft with comfy rubber soles that lend agility to sports persons and athletes for helping them perform better at their game with comfort. Soon enough the fashion of sneaker-dome transpired into every man’s wardrobe thanks to legendary ad campaigns promoting wellness with shoes.

Referred to as trainers in UK and some parts of the world, sneakers have evolved from being simple chalk white canvas shoes with rubber soles to be fastened tight with nylon cords, into eclectic pieces of footwear with vibrant colors and ingenious engineering to help you float on soft cushions of air-filled pockets while running! Smarted by sports-stars, hip-hoppers and celebrity athletes, sneaker styles have been endorsed by the most bona fide personalities who understand the importance of comfortable footwear the best.

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Walk in Luxury with Stylish Sneakers

Shoes are the most underrated part of any wardrobe. They are the ones that protect your feet from dust, debris and unwanted microbes. They provide proper support for you to comfortably stand. And finally, they are the final element of any outfit, the element one relies on to provide the finishing touch. Having a few good pairs of shoes in your wardrobe isn’t a luxury but a down right necessity these days. After all you need a formal pair for all those business meetings and occasions, sports shoes to do some athletics, however, when it comes to casual shoes, the first thing that strikes the mind are sneakers.

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Surfing Grace in Amazing men’s Beach Dresses

I am of the opinion that travel is one of those things that rejuvenates a human being. With travel becoming a cultural phenomenon that grows more accessible by the day, I feel that it is important for everyone to take a short break or two every year. 2018 is filled with long weekends and vacation you can use to take a short trip to refresh yourself and take some time away from the busy urban life one has to lead in cities. My personal preference is to hit a beach and laze the day away, reading a book and sipping on margaritas. Beach vacations are the best way to re-energise yourself and just do what you want. However, the beach also requires a certain kind of dressing sense, which I find lacking in general. Thus, to get the best out of your beach vacation follow this guide so that you can your hands on the ideal wardrobe.

Beaches are a wonderful place to go and have the time of your life. You can feel excited, festive vibe all around as you travel and meet new people. You can let yourself go without thinking of the consequences. However, you want to stay at ease whenever you go out. Those jeans and shirts are completely out of place at the beach and your shoes are only good for collecting sand. Also, take into consideration the fact that your clothes will count into the initial impression of any new person you meet, would have about you. Thus, have a few beach dresses for men are a necessity to have in your wardrobe if you’re planning that vacation. 

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4 Chic Beachwear Looks for Men for 2018 Summer Beach Parties

Summers are all about beach or pool parties. For these colorful parties, your appearance should be appealing. Trendy beach themed dresses are available for not only women but also men. Tropical or floral theme outfits look so refreshing and sophisticated. They are different from normal casual outfits and comfortable to wear by allowing you with more hand and leg movements. Men's top fashion brands like Zobello offer updated varieties of beachwear for men. You can start your shopping from today onwards to upgrade your beach party wardrobe. Buy at least 3-4 pairs of swim shorts, slip-on shoes and tees or shirts to enjoy each beach party in style and comfort. Here we are providing you with some perfect beachwear looks to look hot and chic in 2018 summer beach parties.

A Linen Tree Print Shirt with a Pair of 3 Color Striped Swim Shorts

A pure linen shirt is comfortable to wear in summers. For beach parties, select a palm tree printed linen shirt and wear it with a pair of trio color swim shorts. Finish off your style with a jacquard embroidered espadrille or men's island printed green espadrille. The palm tree printing on a shirt makes it a perfect beach wear. Now, you are all set to join a beach party and raise the fashion quotient.

A Navy Blue Banana Printed Shirt with a Pair of Solid Color Swim Shorts

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5 Hot Looks for Men in Casual Blazers

Blazers are versatile outfits, designed to wear during formal as well as casual events. But the good news is that leading men’s fashion brands like Zobello have come up with new style trendy blazers which are actually casual blazers only. They are slightly different from formal blazers to help find an effortless casual cum dashing look. The key differences of casual blazers from formal ones are patch pockets, unstructured shoulders (means no padding) and available in different colors or patterns. They are slowly getting a place in men’s fashion wardrobe. Let’s get some styling tips for this fashionable outfit to look standout.

Teaming with Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are trendy casual wears for men which can alone give a handsome appearance. If you layer a polo shirt with a casual blazer, your entire look can be enhanced. The combination will give you a sporty appearance and make you ready to go for day as well as night outings. Try to choose contrast colors such as team up a white or cream casual blazer with blue, red, brown and any dark color polo shirt. For the bottom wear, you can select tight fitting blue denim or chinos. Tuck the shirt and wear a stylish belt. Boat shoes, loafers or lace-up style espadrilles can be teamed with the dress.

Pair with V-Neck Tees

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Grab the Best Beach Wear for Men Online

Get ready to set your holiday spirit this summer to the coasts with a fresh new set of beachwear from the exclusive Zobello store. The collection of beachwear comprises casual shirts, swim shorts and casual footwear that can let you make an unmatched statement, making you score high on your fashion quotient. So, before you pack your bags with the old worn swim shorts and casual outfits, give us the opportunity to revamp your style. Have a pristine look at our collection of beach dresses for men and pick the most stylish ones catering to your choice.

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Summer Blazers for Men Available in Online E-Commerce Stores

With the arrival of summer, casual dressing takes its higher form letting you choose from various options in casual shirts and bottom wear. Still, you must be wondering what to wear to a summer party or function where the dress code is semi-formal or casual. No worry as Zobello has come up with its premium range of summer blazers for men that can make you the showstopper of any gathering, be it your college prom night or a business party. While staying in vogue, it is equally important to stay comfortable and keeping this aspect in mind, the summer blazers in this collection are crafted with premium quality fabrics that will let you enjoy with ease. So, exploring the collection, pick the ones that cater to both your style and budget.

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Sneakers Style Galore

Go east or west; when it comes to comfort and trendy looks, men and women alike, swear by sneakers. These are the kind of shoes that look stylish while providing a flat sole to rest your foot on. Thus one thing one would never leave home without is, a good pair of sneakers.

Sneakers have come a long way from the time common men and women started using them. Now, sneakers of different kinds are available specific to a person’s preference such as slip-on sneakers, lace sneakers and many more.

Although slip-on sneakers are the current rage and are slated to stay due to the comfort with which they can be put on and removed, lace sneakers are the conventional and traditional style, which keeps doing rounds of staying in and out of fashion. In short, this style is evergreen and is here to stay. They provide the best fit as they can be adjusted exactly according to a person’s foot size or the level of comfort. This is the reason buyers prefer lace shoes over the slip-on version. You can now purchase sneaker online india at Zobello - Online Fashion Store for Men.

Sneakers are also a traveller’s best friend. You can bet that your sneakers will go with you, no matter whether you travel within the country or go globe-trotting. You can trust your humble pair of sneakers to take you for endless hours in a shopping street or adventurous city tour. Mens lace sneaker is the number one preferred footwear when it comes to travelling due to its powerful grip on the foot.

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Blaze the Fashion Scene with Buoyant Blazers

The winters are good time for men who like to express themselves through their clothes. The hot and humid conditions in the summer severely limit the number of options a man has in his closet. With the onset of colder weather, men get access to a significant number of garments which could previously not be worn due to weather. You have wonderful choices like sweater, shirts, cardigans, jackets, courts that allow you to make some wonderful pairings. Further, with the influx of accessories such as ties and scarves, one can easily layer clothes to make awesome outfits. However, out of all this winter wear, my first choice is always blazer online shopping.

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Complete Guide to Choose the Right Swimwear

Different people have different body types. Some are fat while the other are thin. Some are short and some are tall. When you select your outfit, it should complement your body. You will be amazed to know that from simple t-shirts to swimwear all need to be in a perfect size. One wrong choice can ruin your entire look. So, this summer if your plan is for beach parties, don’t miss to know which type of swimwear can suit you much.

Swimsuits for Short Guys

A man who is short in height should choose trunks which end near mid-thigh. It will give an illusion of longer legs. If your trunk is longer than mid-thigh it may look like you have worn your dad’s swimsuit. Swimming dress for men with short height shouldn’t be bulky or oversized. They can wear floral printed and checked printed trunks to revive their boring beach look. Horizontal stripe printed trunks can look cool on them instead of vertical.

Swimsuits for Tall Guys

Tall guys are lucky because they have much freedom to choose swimwear. They can select long shorts to find a balance between swimsuits and legs. They are also free to wear trunks ending mid-thigh. One mistake a tall figure man often does is that he selects a longer trunk touching or covering the knees. This type of fashion was in the 90s. Your shorts should be long but it shouldn’t cover your knees. Choose a printed style so that attention others don’t go to your legs. Wear the shorts below your abs and just above the hip.

Swimwear for Skinny and Fat Guys


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